connection problem to the playroom with v2.2.8

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1. Anneau-de-Saturne,


Following an important update independent of our will, secure connection to the playroom won't work anymore starting the 25th of January 2021 onwards.
You will need to use the unsecure connection from now on, by choosing that option in the connection dialog box (once Shift+Tab starting from the username text field).

Despite that a little frightening term, the unsecure connection hasn't actually anything dangerous. Your data will pass through an unencrypted protocol.
Nothing changes in using the playroom. You will still be able to play and discuss as usual, once this configuration modification has been done.
However, we remind you to be extremely cauthious when you exchange personal information with other players. In particular, never ever give your password to anyone (including your boy/girl friend).

We are working at a new 3.0 beta version of the client, which will restore the secure connection with the new system.
IN the meantime, sadly, you will need to satisfy yourself with the unsecure mode.

Be sure that we are incredibely sorry for this issue, but we have been obliged to act in a rush without any choice.
Unfortunately, we haven't anticipated this brutal change. We will do our best to avoid the same kind of issue in the future.

Don't hesitate to forward the information to your friends who don't regularely go to the forum and who might have missed it.

We wish you nevertheless great pleasure on the playroom, as well as an happy new year 2021.

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